Photo Shoot

A Photo Shoot with the ever-wonderful Nichols Photography (Michael!) - Who is just starting out, btw. Check out the Myspace page at

Hair Dye!

so I dyed my hair and have new head shots and a photo shoot (my BF was the photographer!)

Fashion Show

So, I went to the first ever Meet and Greet for the modeling industry in Fayetteville, Ar. last night!
It was pretty awesome. A bunch of models, stylists and photographers gathered at the Speakeasy nightclub in Fayetteville. Afterward there was a half hour fashion show (which my friend, Roberta was a part of). All in all, it was very fun and i can't wait to go to the next one!

:) !!!!

Well, I finally did it.
I had an audition last Saturday in Fayetteville with Faces inc. owner Kim Pease. I came into her office yesterday for a second interview/audition/screening (whatever it's called!), and I am now a part of Faces Inc.! I have to take a couple of classes (which aren't half as expensive as what scammers want you to think they are!) and I have been officially invited to my first model/stylist/photographer meet and greet/fashion show on Feb. 12th (good thing I have off of work that day!!!).
Kim is really awesome - she even called N.c.K. to ask them if I was "officially" accepted into their booking department bacause I keep getting booking info from them, but never got a callback! (I still haven't gotten a callback, lol, but that's not the point!)
Anyways, I am really happy and excited, and ya'll wish me luck :)