Another Audition

Soooo... I had another audition/interview in Fayetteville! This one was with Facesinc.
They had me do this little runway walk right there in the mall - which was pretty awesome, lol! Apparently I must have done okay because I got a callback on Monday!!! Yes, I know, that dang 2 hour drive once or twice a week is SO going to make me broke (not that I have any money in the first place, lol!), but it is definitely worth it in my opinion!
So, I guess I'll write more once I know how my callbacks go. Wish me luck!

Answer #1 (to auditions)

Well... I did NOT get the part i wanted in the television pilot. But that is Okay! The director said he would keep my head shot and resumé on file for if they have another part available (not a lead role) or if they have anymore pilots in the future. So, that's cool (although, I think pretty much all directors say that, but I don't know!)

I still have tomorrow's answer to look forward to (N.c.K. Talent). So, here's hoping!


So, yesterday (Saturday, January 17th) I went on an interview/audition in Fayetteville, Ar. (another 2hr drive!!). This one was with N.c.K. Talent Management. Apparently, I will get a call from them tomorrow (Monday) as well - it is either going to be a very good day, or a very depressing day, lol!

Nick (the director) said that they will call about 12 people out of the hundred(s) that auditioned and they will either get to go straight to booking parts, or they will be advised to go to their academy (which is a ton of money that I don't have). So when I get the call, I either go straight to booking, or try again next year, lol!

(again, I would have taken pics of the place - which is in the "Remax" building outside the NW AR Mall - but it was really fricken cold!)


Yay!!! I finally had auditions here in Arkansas (so what if i had to travel 2 hrs one way, two days in a row to get to them!?!?!)

Okay, so on Friday, January 16th, Michael (my fiancé) and I took a two hour trip to Springfield, Mo. for me to audition for a TV Pilot by Gregory Austin McConnell. I auditioned for the part of Harmony Wallace. Supposedly they will call me tomorrow (Monday) if I get a callback!

BTW, the trip was only supposed to take about an hour and a half, but we got lost, like, 3 times! and there are a TON of one way streets in Springfield!

Also, I totally would have taken pics of the building we went to (the moxie cinema - which serves beer on tap, lol, I thought that was so weird!) but it was 2 degrees outside and I had/have a cold already!!!!

Head shots!!!!

Okay, here they are! I'm very excited :) This one isn't edited or anything yet, but I will post them up when I get them.
They weren't taken by a professional photographer (I haven't got the money...). But I think they came out alright (except that I think I look fat in them - but I can't say that out loud 'cause my Fiancé doesn't agree.)

Let me know what you think....

My First Blog!

Yep, so this is it... My first "blogging" experience (isn't that such a weird word!?!?!?).
Let me start off by introducing myself: My name is Nicki, I am 18 yrs old, and live in Arkansas. I am also an aspiring actress. I LOVE acting - I've been performing on stages since I was about 8 (of course, we lived in New York and later moved to central Florida, so it was pretty easy to find minor acting roles). I also love to play music - I was in a Bluegrass/Gospel band in Florida called the Overall Band (guess what we wore....!). I played (and still do play) the Mandolin.

Okay, enough history! Today I am going to get my new head shots! I am so very excited! I dyed my hair last night - it used to be a dark red/brown/auburn-y color, but now it's more strawberry blonde with low lights. I changed it on my resumé but now I need to get my head shots redone! I will post them on here as soon as I get them. Hopefully they come out really good!