So, yesterday (Saturday, January 17th) I went on an interview/audition in Fayetteville, Ar. (another 2hr drive!!). This one was with N.c.K. Talent Management. Apparently, I will get a call from them tomorrow (Monday) as well - it is either going to be a very good day, or a very depressing day, lol!

Nick (the director) said that they will call about 12 people out of the hundred(s) that auditioned and they will either get to go straight to booking parts, or they will be advised to go to their academy (which is a ton of money that I don't have). So when I get the call, I either go straight to booking, or try again next year, lol!

(again, I would have taken pics of the place - which is in the "Remax" building outside the NW AR Mall - but it was really fricken cold!)

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