Answer #1 (to auditions)

Well... I did NOT get the part i wanted in the television pilot. But that is Okay! The director said he would keep my head shot and resumé on file for if they have another part available (not a lead role) or if they have anymore pilots in the future. So, that's cool (although, I think pretty much all directors say that, but I don't know!)

I still have tomorrow's answer to look forward to (N.c.K. Talent). So, here's hoping!

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  1. That stinks Nicki, but at least they liked you enough to consider you for something in the future!! Sometimes they just want a certain look for a certain part..........

    Good thing is, you are a beautiful young lady with a beautiful look, so just keep trying and the right perfect job for you will pop up.....That Director will look at you and say.....STOP!!!........That's the one I want.....So just keep pushing forward.

    I believe in you.